Park Hotels & Resorts Inc. (NYSE:PK) Went Up 0.3%, And Here’s Why

In its most recent trading session, Park Hotels & Resorts Inc. (NYSE:PK) spiked up by 0.3% – here is what that looked like (as of 2019-12-24):

What is the cause of all this?? To understand this better, it is helpful to analyze some technical indicators. As we see it, you should pay the most attention to the following:

A Money Flow Index (MFI) of 100.0, a Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 50.0, a True Strength Index (TSI) of 100.0, a Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) of -0.002, an Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) of unknown, an Average True Range (ATR) of 0.325, an Accumulation/Distribution Index (ADI) of 0.325, an On-Balance Volume (OBV) of 604.018, and a Chaiikin Money Flow (CMF) of -26.05. 21.0

Now let’s plug these indicators in. According to Trading View, putting it all together gets the following:

That is what an analysis of technical indicators seems to indicate for Park Hotels & Resorts Inc. (NYSE:PK). Note this is technical analysis only! You should do fundamental research as well, and do not just rely on this – we take no responsibility for any losses incurred if you buy or sell based on the above.