How To Study Science

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted any new science research here. Tough to keep up with things lately!

But here’s what’s been happening. First, I was looking into how to get people interested into science more, and also how students can study science. That led me down the rabbit hole of looking for articles on how to study. I’d like to share some of these resources. In my view, learning how to study effectively and having a love and passion for science is far more important than your natural intelligence.

First: has published an article Test Study Tips which I thoroughly enjoyed. And check out the LEARNING CENTER and their studying 101 article (this is from the university of north Carolina). And a unique article I also saw (actually someone emailed it to me) is this where a bunch of different teachers and students commented on how they study effectively.

If you read those 3 articles, I’m confident you’ll be able to study better.

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